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Healthy Return To Work

Providing Your People With Solutions To Live Healthier Lives

Symptom Assessment Care Navigation

  • AI-based symptom assessment, triage enhancement, and care navigation platform
  • Checks for various medical conditions in multiple categories including fever, loss of appetite, headache, nausea, fatigue and dizziness. Medical conditions could be the common cold, influenza, diabetes, arthritis, allergies, anxiety disorder and depression to name a few
  • Supports users, medical professionals, payers, businesses, employers, and health systems to improve health outcomes and care efficiency
  • Often ranked the most accurate and comprehensive symptom assessment available on the market

Healthcare Kiosk Based Solutions

  • Used to integrate with IoT, health assessment tools, and patient registration ecosystems
  • Solutions include; self-service convenience, point of purchase, digital signage, surveys, and interactive displays
  • Self-service technology improves the patient experience as well as operational efficiency with integrated systems, customizable design and application-specific peripherals

Digital Health Education

  • Education platform that improves lives by engaging and motivating users to learn about important health issues and become better healthcare – oriented decision-makers
  • Learning through interactive health games, multimedia educational programs, innovative gamification strategies, and rewards
  • Transforms the way consumers learn about health and make healthcare easier to understand and act upon

Health Assessment Tools

  • Personal education health report is provided to the participant, as well as a risk score into four categories – low, moderate, high and very high
  • Available to help companies evaluate your population’s health, well-being, presenteeism, productivity and resilience

Clean Safe Buildings

  • Platform provides data to understand the most impactful ways to optimize a building’s cleaning routines, safety practices, and space plans
  • Monitors utilization in bathrooms, workstations, meeting rooms, break rooms, common spaces, manufacturing/processing centers, labs, warehouses/fulfillment centers, transport hubs and public service spaces

Covid-19 Symptom Checker

  • Can be customized for all employers
  • Employees can access the screening tool from any device and complete the CDC assessment along with a temperature reading as part of the process to return to work