Industries - Solaiya
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Industries We Serve

  • US Federal Government

    SOLAIYA has numerous, secure, US Government (USG) solutions available on contracts such as US Army ITES-SW2, NIH CIO-SPS3 and others. Solutions include IoT, AI analytics, Cyber and Managed Services.

  • US State/Local/Education

    We offer the SLED community fully functional Managed Services, Get-Back-to-School COVID-19 wellness solutions, & cyber-security providing the virtual employee or student with malware, virus, & connectivity peace of mind.

  • International Government

    We have utilized our global footprint and VAR&D methodology to create holistic multi-lingual based mission solutions.

  • Healthcare

    We provide comprehensive wellness solutions including Care Management, Resiliency Preparation Analytics, Telemedicine, Contact Tracing, PPE, & more.

  • Systems Integrator

    SOLAIYA ‘s delivers a complete Microsoft CMMC compliant infrastructure & managed services for the Systems Integrator community.

  • Current Contracts

    We provide solution credibility and access to some of the largest contracts globally.