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Products & Services

About This Service

SOLAIYA’s technology “line card” is constantly expanding and contracting based on the variety of Research and Development our team conducts during each month.  As we explore new solutions in Connectivity, Security, Processing, Platforms and AI the changing dynamics of the requirements are always considered.


  • Our current portfolio of solutions that have been crafted from best-in-class technologies include:
    • AI based COVID-19 Symptom Checking and Management Solutions
    • AI based Contact Tracing and Facility Management Solutions
    • Registration and Building Access Kiosks with integrated temperature testing and security system
    • Mobile App based solution design and development for COVID Status Management
    • Catastrophic Situational Management including Nuclear and Pandemic AI based Decision Support


  • Integrated Cyber Security solutions including:
    • Penetration Testing
    • CMMC Compliance Management
    • End Point Managed Security
  • Physical Security Entry Systems linked with COVID Management solutions
  • Audio/Visual based facial and element recognition including automobiles, license plates and individuals


  • Corporate Health and Wellness Stress Management solutions
  • Mobile App Based resiliency status management specifically designed for the “Return to Work” community
  • Mobile App driven Health Assessments linked to healthcare providers and networks
  • Telehealth solutions

Compliance Training Support

  • ISO 9001:2015 Corporate Training and Certification Preparation
  • O-TTPS Corporate Training and Certification Preparation
  • Supply Chain Management Plan creation, monitoring and review