The Process - Solaiya
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The Process

What is the Process?

SOLAIYA Identifies a Need

SOLAIYA Evaluates 100's or Technologies and Methodologies (RESEARCH1)

SOLAIYA designs a Most Viable Product combining Technologies (DEVELOPMENT1)

SOLIAYA deploys the MVP in a rapidly deployed lowered cost pilot

Product viability is determined (RESEARCH2) , and solution scheduling begins (DEVELOPMENT2)

SOLAIYA solution rollout to the enterprise through a variety of mechanisms

You are a Technology Company, why engage?

SOLAIYA is experienced and has ready-made go to market strategies and initiatives.  Through our VAR&D program we provide solution credibility and access to some of the largest contracts globally.  Some of these contracts include:

  • NASA SEWP V ($20B Multi-Award Technology Hardware Contract)
  • US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Chief Information Officers – CIO-SP3 ($20B Technology Services and Ancillary Products Contract)
  • US Department of Homeland Security FirstSource II and soon to be III (Technology Hardware and Software Contract)
  • US Army ITES SW2 ($9B Multi-Award Software Contract)

Bring us your solution, bring us your technology, bring us your ideas.